Identità golose 2017

Identità Golose US 2017 

The international culinary congress Identità Golose touched down in the United States with a series of delicious events organised in Chicago, New York and Boston. For nine years, Identità Golose has been bringing its fascination with Italian cuisine to the United States, entrusting it to the hands of chefs like Massimo Bottura, Davide Oldani and Roberto Cerea, who have crossed the ocean to give free rein to their culinary flair.

A pure, noble, original coffee 

From Italy to New York, there’s one just one product you’ll often find in your espresso cup: Lavazza. In the Big Apple, for example, this is the first thing on the to-do list once you have crossed the threshold of 200 Fifth Avenue, the address of one of Eataly’s most visited branches in the world. For many, it is the first rite of the day. Counter service was taken care of by Bottura, Oldani and Cerea themselves, who wanted to experiment with the culinary versatility of coffee as pure, noble and original as Kafa espresso, whose name comes from the Ethiopian region where the Arabica variety has its origins, a play on words with the etymological root of the word ‘coffee’.