The commitment to local areas

Lavazza Community Engagement is a local area activity programme aimed at improving the social, cultural and environmental context of local communities. In order to succeed, Lavazza puts in place cooperative relationships with the communities of the areas in which it operates.

I luoghi del bello
“I Luoghi del Bello” (“Places of Beauty” in Italian ) is a regeneration project of the Aurora district in Turin, born from the cooperation with Constituency 7 of the city, in partnership with the ASAI, CleanUp, and Tèkhné associations and with Torino Spazio Pubblico.

The “I Luoghi del Bello” project promotes strong local roots. A local setting of which Lavazza has been an integral part for more than 120 years. The project involves citizens of various age groups, encouraging ties between different generations, through the themes of the environment, social integration and the enhancement of relationships.
Children of the local district schools, the elderly and volunteers from a number of associations were involved in all the main initiatives. Among the numerous projects carried out, participants upgraded the public flowerbeds, introducing botanical species that ensured a suitable environment for butterflies.
With the move to the new “Nuvola” headquarters, Lavazza decided to sell furniture pieces from the old office at symbolic prices, in order to relocate them and avoid waste and disposal that would have had a negative impact on the environment.

The project included more than 3,000 items, ranging from furniture to IT equipment. 70% of them were reallocated. The proceeds generated from the sale to Lavazza employees were donated to local organisations, while 22 external bodies were given new and used furniture and stationery materials.