Coffee Pairing

Of space, time and flavour

The sense that is most closely connected to memory is the sense of smell.


The mere hint of a scent can fill us with longing, and with vivid images and colours of from past times. Smell allows us to travel through time – but it also carries us across unfathomable distances in space.


When Lavazza joined acclaimed chef Albert Adrià to craft a unique coffee and food pairing, the scents that filled the room of his Enigma restaurant where the rich, powerful notes of Lavazza’s ¡Tierra! Colombia blend.


Hints of tropical fruit, liquorice, lime peel: a bouquet filled with unmistakable traces of South America, and one that set the creative minds of Adrià and the Lavazza Training Centre, in motion.


An excellent coffee and food pairing is one that binds scents and flavours, connecting them, enriching them, while celebrating their uniqueness.


After a brainstorming session, our two experts of taste got to work.


Albert created a stunning dish, which brings together the rich flavour and creamy texture of foie gras, with the fresh citrus notes of bergamot and a light, meticulously-crafted ’air’ of fermented soy sauce.

Andrea, exploring the sour freshness of bergamot and grapefruit, crafted a cold brew coffee drink, enriched with the complex exotic flavours delivered by passion fruit and mint.


The two exquisite culinary creations, with their combined bouquet of notes of honey, cane sugar, grapefruit and bergamot, are both indulgent and refreshing.


Today’s perfect pairing:


Foie gras confitado con pan de especias, bergamota y aire de salsa de soja fermentado, by Albert Adrià, and Passion Me 2018, by our Training Center.