Coffee School

The Lavazza Training Center is a guide and benchmark for professionals in the catering industry. It delivers ideal solutions - lessons, refresher courses, training paths - for those who have chosen to turn their passion for coffee into a job.

Coffee culture
The biggest school in the world championing espresso culture offers a training programme and tasting education. Everything you need - the secrets of coffee, its history, how to make it and tasting methods - to become an all-round connoisseur of the world's most consumed beverage after water.
Expert advice
Knowing coffee does not mean simply listing its properties and provenance, it’s also knowing how to advise professionals in the sector and help them to develop their skills. A Lavazza Technical Advisers make competence, knowledge and trustworthiness the centre of their client relationships.
Operations and management
A barista is no longer just a technician, he is also, and most importantly, a manager. In addition to in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge about coffee, they also manage the premises, control costs, and engender customer loyalty. A true professional knows the secrets to perfect coffee extraction and how to manage their business space, products, tools and, above all, turnover.