Lavazza Foundation: Building a better world, one cup of coffee at a time

Lavazza Foundation promotes and finances international sustainability projects in coffee-growing countries.

Lavazza ¡TIERRA! is the result of a 2002 social responsibility project, in which we aimed to improve the living and environmental contritions of coffee-producing communities, as well as providing them with Lavazza’s technical know-how to enhance their businesses. 

Excellence. Care. Commitment.

Lavazza has always sourced its products from coffee-farmers and local coffee-traders, following strict criteria developed alongside our coffee experts. 

The coffee beans are carefully selected, before going through the delicate drum and air convection roasting systems – designed to ensure a long lasting taste.

¡Tierra! Colombia 100% Espresso Arabica

A blend of Colombian washed Arabica beans. An aromatic harmony and a mild taste highlighted by its characteristic sweetness, refined acidity and full body. Notes of tropical fruit are accompanied by scents of lime zest and jasmine, with a mild Liqueur-like aftertaste.

¡Tierra! Colombia Filter 100% Arabica

Colombian washed Arabica blend designed for filter and cold brew preparation. Fruity aroma, balanced body and strong sweetness. Notes of grapefruit, red fruits, bergamot and honey.

¡Tierra! Brasile Blend

A velvety espresso with an intense personality. The best Brazilian Arabica meets the refined  washed Conillon Robusta. Notes of dark chocolate, hazelnuts and sugar cane.


Training for excellence

Every day, the Lavazza Training Centre offers professional training courses that provide a deep understanding of the raw materials and the transformation process they undergo, promoting a quality coffee culture.
Our Training Centre has also earned the Premier Training Campus certification from the SCA – the Specialty Coffee Association: the world’s most authoritative association dedicated to promoting top quality coffee around the globe.
Lavazza is also the first Italian company to feature a “Q-Grader” coffee-tasting room, which provides the environment required to obtain an SCA-approved green coffee tasting licence. 

¡Tierra! at World of Coffee 2018

Lavazza is proud to attend World of Coffee 2018 with a stand entirely dedicated to ¡Tierra! If you’re a coffee expert of simply a fan of exquisite coffee, you must attend this extraordinary event organised by the SCA. Amsterdam 21-23 June. Come and visit!