!Tierra! Brasile Espresso

Intense with hints of chocolate and dried fruit.

A superior blend,
with a refined taste
A superior blend of Brazilian Arabica and “Conillon” - a variety of washed Robusta - which creates an espresso with an intense profile and a refined taste. The blend is characterised by mellow hints which envelop the palate with a perfect balance of sweetness, cocoa and hazelnuts. Mellow roasting, following the ancient "drum" method, guarantees a perfect espresso.
Four good reasons to choose ¡TIERRA!
Lavazza ¡TIERRA! is the result of Lavazza's ethical commitment to sustainability, in collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance, an NGO which promotes the rights and well-being of workers' communities, certifying farms which must meet rigorous social and environmental standards.
Choosing Lavazza ¡TIERRA! means you can guarantee a product of the highest quality thanks to the origins of the blend, its preparation, the careful search for the best coffee beans, and the perfectly balanced roasting of the bean from the outside to the inside.
The Lavazza ¡TIERRA! blends are available in Espresso and Filter, to satisfy all tastes any time of day, and in different sizes, for true coffee connoisseurs.
The Lavazza ¡Tierra! project has worked with several small producer communities in Ethiopia, Vietnam, Brazil, India, Peru, Honduras and Colombia.
From the union of Brazilian Arabica and Conillon.
  • Arabica and Robusta


  • Brasile


  • Settimo Torinese, Italy


Delicate roasting, of medium colour
Aromatic notes
Dark Chocolate
Dried fruit
Roasting Delicate

The Conillon is produced on a hillside south of Espirito Santo, at an altitude of 200 - 600 metres, characterised by a warm and humid climate. The beans are dried by indirect heating.

30% from sustainable agriculture

¡Tierra! Brasile is a coffee from 30% certified Rainforest Alliance farms.