Lavazza Èspression
Lavazza coffee and style in the world.

Italian excellence in the world - the bars offer somewhere to relax, by yourself or in company, and enjoy a specialty coffee. The warm, contemporary atmosphere is the perfect place to enjoy the best of coffee in all its forms: from classic specialities, such as espresso and cappuccino, to the more unique varieties.

Lavazza Classics
The best form of the indispensable. The range of great coffee bar classics, like espresso and cappuccino, has now been extended to include coffees ,such as flavoured Moroccan, that have an extra touch.
Treats & Choco
A temptation impossible to resist. Not only coffee, but also cream, hazelnut and chocolate to satisfy the desire for sweetness, even for the most discerning of palates.
Where sweetness and freshness meet. Fruit, vegetables and yogurt are the basis of smoothies and cocktails designed to offer a healthy, fresh and invigorating break.
For those looking for some coffee-flavoured refreshment of a cool kind. Milk, cream, ice cream, chocolate: lots of blends that taste amazing cold, and will cool you down when the temperatures soar.