Lavazza with Eataly
Where the excellence of coffee finds new exclusive forms.

Lavazza and Eataly have a shared goal: to promote the best of Italy's food to enable everyone to experience superior sensory experiences. Eataly exalts Italian culture in the world: in this context, Lavazza - Italy’s favourite coffee since 1895 - is a must at the culmination of such taste experiences.

Regional coffees
A sensory journey around the regions of Italy to rediscover the flavours of yesteryear in a cup. Lavazza regional coffees are products linked to the most authentic tradition, along with more innovative original recipes created specially for Eataly by the Lavazza Training Centre.
Bavareisa torinese
A Turin specialty dating back to the 1700s, from which the famous “bicerin” derives, and enjoyed by famous personalities including Cavour, Dumas and Hemingway. The original “bavareisa” beverage is a mix of coffee, chocolate and creamy milk, sweetened with syrup.
Padua coffee
Coffee with mint-flavoured cream and enriched with a sprinkling of cocoa is a specialty of Padua. It has been popular among intellectuals, politicians, academics and students frequenting the city's bars since the 1800s.
Salentino coffee
This was invented in the 1950s in a small bar in Lecce, where it became a real summer specialty. To prepare it, combine ice, almond milk and espresso, so the coffee is cooled while keeping all its flavour intact.
Neapolitan coffee
A great classic that comes from the combination of coffee and hazelnut. The idea dates back to the Middle Ages, in Naples of course, but spread rapidly throughout Italy and even Europe.
Calabrian coffee
Coffee, brandy and liquorice: these are the three ingredients forming the basis of the Calabrian recipe. The cultivation of liquorice is a tradition of southern Italy which was localised mainly in Calabria in ancient history. It now accounts for over 80% of national production.

Where to find us
You can savour the unmistakable flavour of Lavazza coffee at various Eataly stores around the world.


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